Quality is not an action, it`s a habit

Star Vida, in its policy of Production Understanding Prioritizing Customer Satisfaction, cold forging fasteners provides service with its experienced and expert staff.

In addition to the production and sale of screws, our company, which carries out all kinds of fastener purchase and sales activities, has adopted the following principles as its management policy; To comply with the legal requirements and international agreements in our country, To provide a customer satisfaction-oriented business approach by adopting teamwork in all our activities, To establish and continuously improve a system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, To raise awareness of our employees and, when necessary, our contractors by providing quality training. General manager


Star Vida took the first step in the sector in 1992. It has taken firm steps forward with success in the sector until today. Star Vida is one of the leading companies in the sector by keeping itself up-to-date, constantly following the innovations of the sector by producing with the same excitement and meticulousness as on the first day in each new production. Star Vida serves with a production approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction with the principles of quality production, economical price, on-time delivery.

1-Developing innovative and original environmental solutions

We act with the basic principle of providing quality, economical, fast and easy integrated solutions to our customers by using equipment and technologies that do not harm the environment and human health.

2-Being customer satisfaction oriented

We make our productions with a focus on customer satisfaction without sacrificing quality.

3-Continuously improving our processes

We monitor the performance of all our processes by comparing them with our targets and continuously improve them in line with the needs and international standards.

4-Working with the principle of maximum efficiency

We work with the principle of maximum efficiency by ensuring the most efficient use of resources.

5-Teamwork Spirit

By working with the spirit of teamwork and constantly improving their qualifications, we constantly keep the motivation of our employees at a high level, provide an environment of participation and sharing based on the spirit of teamwork, and create opportunities for continuous improvement of technical and individual qualifications.

6-Job security first

We aim for zero work accidents in the safe and healthy working environment we supply.

7-Working with a risk and opportunity approach

We aim to identify risks and opportunities on a corporate and process basis and take the necessary actions.

8-Understanding the parties we are related to

We evaluate and monitor the needs and expectations of our related parties and realize our production plan accordingly.


State of the art equipment

75 machine parks, 35 experienced staff who are experts in their field

Our company, which has a production capacity of 150 million screws per month in accordance with DIN and ISO norms, is established in a closed area of ​​​​2500 square meters in Istanbul Beylikdüzü manufactures in its modern facility.