Star Vida serves with its experienced and expert staff in cold forging fasteners manufacturing.


Star Vida serves with its experienced and expert staff in cold forging fasteners manufacturing.

Sanitaryware and Special Fasteners

Star Vida serves with its experienced and expert staff in cold forging fasteners manufacturing.


30 Years of Experience

We are one of the leading companies doing this job in our industry and we really love our job. Both our employees and our board of directors do their best to make their name heard in their sectors.


The sectors we manufacture.

Star Vida; It produces fasteners for many other sectors, especially vitrified, automotive sub-industry, white goods, furniture, electricity, electronics, glassware, lighting manufacturers.

Screw Manufacture

  • Setscur Screw
  • Triphone Screw
  • YSB Hair screw
  • YHB Hair screw
  • YMB Hair screw
  • SB Hair screw
  • HB Hair screw
  • MB Lentil Head Screw
  • Hexagon Head Screw
  • HB Countersunk Head Metric Screws
  • Hexagon Head Washer Screw
  • YHB Hair Screw
  • YSB Star Cylinder Head Screw
  • SB Cylinder Head Metric Screw
  • Chipboard Screw
  • Plastic Screw
  • YMB Star Lentil Head Metric Screw

Bolt Manufacture

  • Hexagon Head Half Thread Bolt
  • Hexagon Head Full Thread Bolt
  • Imbus Bolt
  • HB Imbus Bolt
  • Round Head Square Bottom Square Bolt
  • Hexagon Head Flanged Bolt

Manufacture of Washers and Nuts

  • Flat Washer
  • Hexagonal Nut

Vitrified Assembly Sets

  • WashBasin Mounting Set
  • Closet Mount Set
  • Reservoir Mounting Set
  • Accessory Mounting Set
  • Concealed Cistern Connection Set
  • Concealed Cistern Mounting Set

Special Fasteners

  • Special Fasteners
Our company has the latest technology double shot and multi-station
consisting of presses and rolling machines
With 75 machine parks, in DIN and ISO norms
It has a production capacity of 150 million screws per month.
With 30 Years of Experience and Knowledge

The Story of Our Success

Star Vida took the first step in the sector in 1992. Over the years, it has taken firm steps towards success. At present, by making production with great care with the excitement of the first day in every new production, constantly following the innovations of the sector, Star Vida always keeps itself up to date, serving as one of the leading companies in the sector with its quality production, economic price, timely delivery principles and production understanding that prioritizes customer satisfaction. gives.

2500 m² Closed Area With Our Modern Facility

We are in Istanbul Beylikduzu.

75 Machine Parkour

Our company, which has a wide machine park for the production of standard and special fasteners, produces bolts, screws, rivets and special fasteners.

Wide Machine Park

We have a production capacity of 150 million screws per month in DIN and ISO norms, thanks to our 75 machine park consisting of state-of-the-art double punch and multi-station presses and rolling machines, and our 35-person experienced staff who are experts in their field.

Item Size

In our modern facility established in a 2500 square meter closed area in Beylikdüzü, Istanbul, we can produce screws up to M3-M10 diameter and 4mm-100mm length, M8-M12 diameter and studs up to 120mm-350mm.

Our Quality Policy

Our company, which carries out all kinds of fastener purchasing and sales activities in addition to screw production and sales, has adopted the following principles as its management policy; To comply with the legal requirements and international agreements in our country, to ensure customer satisfaction-oriented business understanding by adopting teamwork in all our activities, to establish and continuously develop a system in accordance with Iso 9001-2015 standards, To raise awareness of our employees and contractors when necessary by providing training on quality. To increase customer satisfaction with the activities we will carry out to provide useful services to our customers, To ensure that all employees work with an understanding of superior quality by supporting their personal and professional training.

General manager